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Real-Time Compositing with VComposure V2

VComposure TL

VComposure TL is not just an extension but a significant evolution of Unreal Engine’s native Composure system.

There’s no need to adapt to a different workflow, as VComposure TL operates on the same foundational principles as native Composure, making the transition effortless. Read More.

Trackerless Systems

Trackerless system allows for greater freedom to experiment with camera angles, movements, and compositions that would be more challenging to achieve with a tracked system.

Tracked Systems

Trackerless systems provide the flexibility needed in post-production, VFX specialists can make creative decisions without being constrained by initial camera movements.


Advancing Real-Time Compositing with VComposure

VComposure TL excels with TAA-free rendering, high-detail chroma keying, and true-to-life lighting, reflections, and shadows. Integrating seamlessly with the native Composure workflow, it offers Clean Plate functionality and more.

Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) free

Unsharpen Mask for beter quality.

CleanPlate Chroma Keying technology

Cors /Soft High-detail Chroma Keying.

Compatible with Unreal Engine's Lumen

Reflection, Refraction, and Shadow.

Supports Color IO for color grading

Run a Cost-Effective Business

Final 3D Alpha Channel Output

2.5D Projection / Freedom in Movements

Compatible with Ppen-World type levels

Same Workflow as Native Composure


A Side-by-Side Look at Native Composure VS VComposure


Preserves video texture quality by deactivating Temporal Anti-Aliasing, providing an advantage for intricate 3D compositing

Layer-Based Composition

Limited to 2D layer-based compositing, affecting the intricacy of 3D compositing.

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Optimized Video Quality

Eliminates the degradation observed in Native Composure by avoiding TAA in projection planes.

Compromised Video Quality

Video quality degrades due to TAA when using projection planes.

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3D Interactivity

Video source acts as a genuine actor, receiving and casting lights and contributing to reflections.

Non-Interactive Actor

Video source is a non-interactive PostProcess, affecting realism due to no lighting or shadow interactions.

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Accurate Perspectives

2.5D projection resolves the displaced point of contact, thereby improving shadow and reflection quality.

Perspective Limitations

The 2D projection is displaced, affecting shadows and reflections.

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Enhanced Realism

The video source occupies a physical space in the Unreal Engine, allowing for interactions with in-game elements like particle systems.

Lack of Physical Interactions

No interactions with in-game elements like particle systems, and no contribution to reflections or refractions.

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Enhanced Camera Mobility

Allows for a variety of camera movements without being tied down to a fixed perspective.

Camera Movement Constraints

Perspective is fixed, limiting camera freedom.

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Camera Freedom

2.5D Projection enables multiple camera movements without disrupting realism.

No Spatial Positioning

Absence of 3D space for the video source constrains realism.

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Accurate Reflections and Shadows

The system properly aligns the contact point on the ground with the shadows and reflections being cast.

Reflection and Shadow Mismatch

Using a 3D plane for projection causes realism issues.

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Soft Alpha on & off

Discover the Unparalleled Keying Capabilities of VComposure in a 3D Composition. Our Before & After showcase allows you to toggle Soft Alpha on and off, providing a clear, professional-grade illustration of how VComposure can significantly enhance the realism and precision of your virtual production environment.

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Elevating Realism Through Dynamic 3D Compositions.

“By granting the video source a physical space within the Unreal Engine world, VComposure TL allows for much more realistic 3D compositions, including proper shadow casting and reflection capture.

The 2.5D Projection feature in VComposure TL provides more flexibility, allowing for multiple camera movements without disrupting the perspective or realism.”

Abdelhadi Abou Elouazne

CEO of Pixelstorm LTD


VComposure: See the difference yourself!.

Explore the future of real-time compositing with VComposure TL. Enjoy TAA-free video, high-detail chroma keying, and seamless post-process effects. Experience ultimate freedom with 2.5D projections and benefit from Lumen lighting technology for more realistic scenes. No new workflow needed, just enhanced capabilities. See it in action now!


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